An Anthology of New Asian Canadian Expressions

Edited by
Kenda D. Gee

Asian Canadian Bibliography
Compiled by

Wei Wong

Art Design by
Charles Cousins


Prose & Verse

Anthony B. Chan
Marty Chan
Lien Chao
Kuan Foo
David Fujino
Hiromi Goto
Sean Gunn
M. J. Kang
Edward Y. Lee
Jean Yoon
Fiona Lam
S.K.Y. Lee
Sook Yin-Lee
Steve Allen Lee
Pat Parungao
Sid Tan
Thuong Vuong-Riddick
Terry Watada
Jim Wong-Chu
Rita Wong
Wei Wong
Terry Woo
Paul Yee

Artwork & Photography

Tina Chang
Helen Koyama
Jim Wong-Chu
David Hai Tien Wong
Kenneth Yap
Brad Yung

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1. Canadian literature (English)--Asian-Canadian authors. 2. Canadian
literature (English)--20th century. I. Gee, Kenda D. II. Wong, Wei. III.
Asian Canadian Writers Workshop Society of Edmonton.
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