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Chinese Immigration Act 1923, 13-14 George V., c. 38

An Act respecting Chinese Immigration

[Assented to 30th June, 1923.]




s. 2

In this Act and in any order, proclamation or regulation made thereunder, unless the context otherwise requires,

"Chinese Immigrant".

(e)"Chinese Immigrant" means any person of Chinese origin or descent entering Canada for the purpose of acquiring Canadian domicile, as defined by section two, paragraph (d) of The Immigration Act; [1919, c. 25] a person shall not be deemed to be of Chinese origin or descent merely because his mother or his female ancestors or any of them are or were of Chinese origin or descent;


At Vancouver and Victoria only, with several exceptions.

s. 7

No person of Chinese origin or descent other than the classes mentioned in paragraphs (a) and (b) of section five and sections twenty-three and twenty-four of this Act shall be permitted to enter or land in Canada elsewhere than at the ports of Vancouver and Victoria.



Prohibited classes.

s. 8

No person of Chinese origin or descent unless he is a Canadian citizen within the meaning of paragraph (f) of section two of The Immigration Act shall be permitted to enter or land in Canada, or having entered or landed in Canada shall be permitted to remain therein, who belongs to any of the following classes, hereinafter called "Prohibited classes":


Idiots, epileptics, etc. (a)

Diseased persons. (b)

Criminals. (c)

Prostitutes and pimps. (d)

Procurers. (e)

Beggars and vagrants. (f)

Persons likely to become public charges (g)

"Persons of constitutional psychopathic inferiority;" (h)

Alcohol or drug addicts. (i)

Mentally or physically defective. (j)

Advocates of force or violence against organized government. (k)

Members of unlawful organizations. (l)

Conspirators. (m)

Illiterates. (n)

Deported persons. (o)


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