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Li Ka-shing: Hong Kong's Elusive Billionare
Anthony B. Chan
Macmillan Canada & Oxford Press. $21.95 paper.

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The Jade Peony
Wayson Choy
Douglas & McIntyre. $18.95 paper.

Choy's long-awaited first novel tells the story of three children growing up in Vancouver's Chinatown in the Thirties and Forties.

When Fox is a Thousand
Larissa Lai
Press Gang. $16.95 paper.

Poetry, mythology and intrigue combine and collide in this novel that follows the adventures of an enchanted fox over a thousand years, from rural China to contemporary Vancouver.

Press Gang. $16.95 paper.

The author of Disappearing Moon Cafe serves up a whimsical collection of stories populated by bellydancers, bag ladies, lesbians and sojourners from distant times.

Frogs in the Rain Barrel
Sally Ito
Nightwood. $9.95 paper.

Simple, lyrical poems that orbit and whirl through the wisdoms of Ito's many-cultured Canadian heritage.

The Colour of Heroines
Lydia Kwa
Women's Press. $11.95 paper.

Poems steeped in memory and intimacy embrace the passage from Kwa's Singapore past to her Canadian present.

Two Shores / Deux Rivages
T Vuong-Riddick
Ronsdale. $14.95 paper.

An evocative cycle of poems describing the realities of life in Vietnam and the process of immigration to the West. In French and English.

A Thousand Homes
Terry Watada
LPG. $11.95 paper.

Watada's first collection of poems presents a series of lyrical snapshots of Japanese Canadian life before, during and after the World War II internment.

Chorus of Mushrooms
Hiromi Goto
NeWest Press. $12.95 paper.

Stories and food. A novel that explores the relations between daughter, mother and grandmother with humour, intelligence and attention to our senses -- especially those of touch and taste. A story of growing up on a mushroom farm in rural Alberta for Murasaki/Muriel Tonkatsu.

Saving Face
Roy Miki
Turnstone. $8.95.

A collection of poetry.

Random Access File
Roy Miki

A collection of poetry.

Beneath the Beauty
Phlip Arima
Insomniac Press. $12 paper.

An aggressively designed collection of poetry portraying the gritty and rhythmic, the passionate and uncompromising. Despite the cruelties inflicted and endured by his characters, Arima finds a compassionate element even in the bleakest of circumstances.

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